2nd Workshop on the Physics of Volcanoes



The aim of this workshop is to get together volcanologists focusing on the physics and processes at active volcanoes and development of new technologies. Colleagues from research centers, universities, labs, and others, are very welcome to contribute.

Organisation committee and financial supporters

The 2nd Workshop is organised by the University of Mainz (Nicole Bobrowski, Christoph Helo, Basti Müller, Jonathan Castro), the University of Heidelberg (Ulrich Platt), and the Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry in Mainz (Thomas Wagner, Marloes Penning de Vries, Christoph Hörmann, Florian Dinger) as also Uli Küppers (LMU) and Thomas Walter (GFZ).

The workshop is financially supported by the DGG (German Geophysical Society), the DPG (German Physical Society), the MPIC, the VAMOS project, the JGU, and the Springer publisher. There is no registration fee charged.

The workshop is limited to 100 participants and 40 oral presentations.

Flyer of the Workshop 2016


Schedule and Scientific Program

Program booklet

Date: Wednesday 2016/03/02 14:00 until Friday 2016/03/04 13:00
Program of the Workshop and Oral Presentations
Poster Presentations

1) Seismic methods
  Conveners: Torsten Dahm, Joachim Wassermann
  Keynote talk: Volcano seismology in a wider volcanological context (by Jürgen Neuberg)
2) Volcano remote sensing
  Conveners: Ulrich Platt, Thomas Walter
  Keynote talk: Exploiting the full spectrum of remote sensing for volcanic hazard mitigation
  (by Simon Carn)
3) Volatiles in melts and plumes
  Conveners: Kai-Uwe Hess, Nicole Bobrowski
  Keynote talk: Magmatic Degassing: Permanent and Episodic (by Thor Hansteen)
4) Physics of magmatic processes
  Conveners: Jon Castro, Ulrich Küppers
  Keynote talk: Physical processes controlling the frequency and magnitude of volcanic             eruptions (by Luca Caricchi)

Conference Hall and Accommodation

Max-Planck Institute for Chemistry
Hahn-Meitner-Weg 1, 55128 Mainz

Seminarraum (Ground floor)

Accommodation in Mainz

Contributions and Abstract submission

Oral presentations: 15min talk + 5min discussion
Posters: portrait format

Abstract submission to: pov2016@uni-mainz.de
Deadline: Extended to 21.01.2016
Submission fee: none
Format: Abstract Template